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The Ant Hill

1918 House Beautiful by Margaret Boden & Eliza J. Newkirk

The Ant Hill Bungalow Summer House

The Ant Hill - Interior conceptionThe Ant Hill was designed and built during the First World War. It is coyly noted as being located "somewhere on the Jersey shore" in the article that appeared in House Beautiful. (The article itself is well-written if somewhat flowery for 21st century readers.)

The layout, shown below, illustrates a wonderfully large, screened porch which serves as entry and covered living room ... a pleasant and practical arrangement since it was intended as a summer house. Though no measurements are provided in this plan, the heated interior space is less than 1200 square feet ... more than adequate for a summer house.

Ant Hill - Bungalow Floor Plan

A cross-section illustrates the balcony over the main living room with its storage and access to a screened open air sleeping porch.

The Ant Hill - Cross Section


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