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Cannon Beach 2-story

Do you want a home of your own but despair of ever having the money to buy or build? Or maybe you look at your mortgage statement every month and wonder what kind of insanity makes it possible for you to cut loose with hundreds of hours of your time every year to pay just the interest on your loan?

Small houses, or smaller living spaces, are part of the solution. At any given moment, each of us inhabit relatively little cubic space ... for the sake of argument, let's say 63 (3 x 3 x 7) cubic feet; most of us take up a lot less. It's the vista that counts ... if you can look outside or across interior spaces that are relatively uncluttered you won't feel crowded. It's the stuff and clutter that makes us feel claustrophobic.

Relatively few of us need thousands of square feet of living space, but we'll admit that those friends and relatives who are constantly hosting events and socially lubricating our lives are entitled to stay big so some of us can get small.

The ideas shown here come will come from a variety of sources new and old, so feel free to browse, bookmark, and link to our resources. Have fun! The best things come in little packages.

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