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1911 Owner-designed Bungalow Cottage

Published in Ladies Home Journal 1911

By our rough calculation, this small home has about 850 sq. ft. It was designed and built by its owner. The article was contributed to Ladies Home Journal by Charles E. White, Jr., a prolific writer and architect during the bungalow period from 1905 to 1925.

It's a beautiful example of the small Arts & Crafts style "cottages" that captured the hearts of progressive Americans from coast to coast. It is graced by many innovations in home design of that period including the sleeping porch, balcony, enclosed veranda, shed dormer, and low profile. It has a few oddities such as the hot water heater upstairs in the bedroom (though it seems practical to us) and lacks a fireplace, but a small woodstove would easily solve that minor deficiency.

1911 Owner Designed Arts & Crafts Bungalow

1911 Owner-Designed Plan

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