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Vintage Plans for Small Houses

The past is one exceptionally fruitful source of planning ideas for little houses. Until fairly recently, a house of 1200 sq. ft. was considered a modest but comfortable footprint for all but upper-class families. Within that space, you can easily configure three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and very efficient living spaces. With a full cement basement (often found in older houses) as well as attic space, it was possible to store all the necessary things required for a middle-class lifestyle.

Our selection of old house plans have been culled from many of the most popular plan companies and kit home builders of the 20th century, primarily between 1900 and 1960. We've capped our definition of "small" at 1200 sq. ft. and have focused on even smaller houses. We've organized houses by size so you can find the size that suits your goals.

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